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Initiating a mail from OSticket


Is there any way to initiate email from Osticket.
Currently we are only be able to send replies to the tickets created by the ticketing tool.
It will be good for us, if there is any way to initiate a mail from this tool.

In simple words, can we send a mail from Osticket with out any ticket created to a particular user.

Thank You.


  • The answer was yes until you said "with out any ticket created", which changes the answer to no. osTicket only sends emails to ticket owners, agents, teams or departments (which are groups of agents).
  • Thank you for the response.
    Yes  .. Anything ok for us. Creation of ticket is ok. (I Mistakenly mentioned "with out any ticket")

    Please let us know how to send a mail to the user through Osticket.
    The sent alert need to have the subject, Mail body.

    Please help us in this scenario.
    Thank You.
  • Open a ticket in the Users name/email.
    The open ticket notification generates an email to the user.
    Issue Summary is Subject.
    Issue Details is Body.
  • Thank you for your quick response.
    We did not get the below directly.
    Issue Summary is Subject.
    Issue Details is Body.
    Will they depend on the selected "Help Topic".
    Thanks in Advance.
  • I'm not sure what you mean.
  • Open a ticket in the Users name/email.
    => For the above i went to user directory, selected a specified user, selected create a new ticket at the right bottom.
    => There i did not see any fields requiring either "Issue Summary" or "Issue Details".
    After selecting one of the Help topic then only it is asking for the "Issue Summary" or "Issue Details" which i have created in the help topic.
    => But the issue here is that the generated mail is having the subject as *Help Topic Name only*, but not the Issue Summary.

    Could you please suggest on this.
    Thank You.
  • And one more thing is we are getting the ,ail in the below format.
    It is not displaying the complete the ticket Body.

    Dear *******,

    Our customer care team has created a ticket, #003570 on your behalf, with the following details and summary: 

    Topic: *************
    Subject: *********** 
  • Sounds like you need to edit your email templates to include the variables for the information you want included:

    Admin Panel > Emails > Templates
  • You can write a mail in osticket without creating a ticket, when you add emails you've a test page and here you can send it.
    You could probably make a copy for normal use.
  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks all for your valuable inputs.
    If we are including the default Help Topic "Ticket details", then the created new is having the same subject as the "Issue Summary" in the help topic.

    But the same "Issue summary" is not getting reflected into the Ticket subject if that selected help topic is created by us individually.

    Any by selecting the help topic as system defined "Ticket Details", the issue gets resolved.

    But it will be helpful for us if we are able to add, multiple email address in TO section and as well as having the option to add collaborators also good.

    could you please let us know, if there is any way to achieve the above.

    Thank you all in advance.
  • Hi All,

    Could you please let us know, if there is any way to do the above.

    Thank you.   
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