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Dashboard | Service Time

Good day! 

Hi Masters, 

May I know how to read the Service Time under Dashboard statistics? 

Thank you! :) 


  • I do not use the dash board.  I think its hours, but I could be wrong since I do not like it and use a third party report mod instead.
  • Hi Master, 

    Thank you for your response. :) Is it response time? or resolved time? anyway, about the 3rd party report mod? how can i use that? :D That will be a big help on us. Thank you so much! 

  • I believe that it is the time between open and close.

    You can take a look at @scottro report offering at
  • Hi Master, 

    Thank you! 

    Will check on this. 

  • Was curious, it's come up a lot, and I never understood it, this is from /include/

                    'ServiceTime' => SqlAggregate::AVG(SqlFunction::DATEDIFF(
                        new SqlField('closed'), new SqlField('created')
                    'ResponseTime' => SqlAggregate::AVG(SqlFunction::DATEDIFF(
                        new SqlField('thread__entries__created'), new SqlField('thread__entries__parent__created')

    So, it's doing a MySQL Date difference between fields "created" and "closed", then calculating how long it takes for someone to respond to the thread by posting a message to the thread. 

    The output is in Days! 

    Not sure why it takes so long to run on mine.. opening the dashboard means sitting there for a few minutes waiting. The database server isn't short on resources!

    0.4 days = 9.4 hours Yup, sounds about right. Important tickets have nice low Service Times, and quite low response times.. all is happening well.

    We've got a Topic with an average service time less than response, likely because once the purchase order is processed they close the ticket without adding to the thread, or from simply deleting spam. We've also got service-time's of 62.4.. which is pretty damned impressive! Ticket sitting open for 2 months. 
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