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Backup Procedure


Can anyone point me to a backup procedure for osTicket ? I'm assuming there will be an SQL database backup to schedule (to dump the contents in a file) and a few directories to backup. I'd just like to make sure I'm backing up the right stuff.

Thanks in advance !


  • This is not handled in osTicket.  It is handled at the OS level by your system administrator.

    You would want to back up the SQL DB and the osTicket web folder(s). 
  • I'm the system administrator, of course there is no option in osTicket to do that. I was simply asking :

    1) What folders to back up
    2) What database to backup
    3) Does anyone have a script that dumps the database to a file that they use.

    I could probably figure it out by trial/error but I thought it would be time saving to ask other users/peers what they have done to backup osTicket.

    Isn't that the point of a forum ? :-) 

  • I use Bareos to backup the filesystem and automysqlbackup to dump the database to the filesystem. Certainly faster with attachments-on-the-filesystem!

    Certainly helps if you've not modified core, you can just backup your config file (and any plugins), then only backup the database.. 
    If you're using S3 and EC2 etc, just take a snapshot of a working instance and keep an RDS backup or two lying around. :-)
  • My osTicket runs on Windows Server 2008R2, hosted on VMware, so I use Altaro Backup to backup this server.
  • 1) What folders to back up
    The web folder for osTicket and any subfolders.

    2) What database to backup
    The database that you setup for osTicket. You can find the name in the /include/ost-config.php file.

    3) Does anyone have a script that dumps the database to a file that they use.
    No. We do not back up that way.
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