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Passive email threading

Hi there,

Just wondering how Passive email threading (as mentioned in the 1.10 release notes) is enabled? I can't seem to find any option in the admin interface.

(OSticket version: v1.10 (901e5ea))




  • It's always on.

    I traced the release notes mention (

    I found this commit

    Passive Email Threading
    Add support for threading email conversations happening outside the system.
    Autoresponders are paused when threading is on passive mode. Alerts may
    still go out to agents as configured.

    Basically, if you're on the latest code, it's on. The "passive" part appears to simply disable auto-response when a passive-thread is detected. I'm not entirely sure what a passive thread is.. "threading email conversations happening outside the system".. I assume some email clients do something goofy with message headers when replying in threaded mode? It seems to slightly adjust the way the Ticket Thread is identified, adding angle brackets around the email address before searching again. (it's already searched the id by then). 

    You could ask the dev's on those threads though.
  • Cheers thanks

    Aha, I started to get a suspicion that might possibly be the case, in which case I initially misunderstood the purpose of the function, which I originally had thought might instead support ingesting of support emails that occurred within email conversations/threads that hadn't previously been fetched into OSTicket as yet

    Long story short, my OSTicket was down for a few days after a server died and support carried on in the meantime using email directly, was looking to ingest those threads/conversations to preserve them for client perusal and allocate them a ticket number etc. 

    I'll ask the devs if there's any way/for further clarification of the function, but I suspect it probably isn't meant to be, ah well, copy paste it is :)



  • It would be interesting to "replay" email into osTicket.. in theory it should store all conversations as sent and received emails, however changes to status and things wouldn't work. 

    Might be good for shops that migrate fully to osTicket, but want a searchable archive of previous mail. hmm.
  • I agree, this would be a useful thing.
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