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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Mark ticket as answered

In v1.9 it was possible to simply mark an ticket as anwered by pressing a button.

The link was
This options seems to be gone in v.1.10 :-( Our worklfow for delaying tickets ( does not work anymore.

So I have done a quick and dirty hack modifing include\staff\template\status-options.tmpl.php adding after the foreach ($nextStatuses as $status) loop
<a class="no-pjax <?php
echo $ticket? 'ticket-action' : 'tickets-action'; ?>" href="<?php
echo sprintf('#%s/status/answered/1',
$ticket ? ('tickets/'.$ticket->getId()) : 'tickets'); ?>"><i class="<?php
echo $actions[$status->getState()]['icon'] ?: 'icon-tag';
?>"></i> Answered</a>
include\ adding the following to changeTicketStatus
			case 'answered':
$state = 'answered';
and adding to function setTicketStatus function the following
		if ($_POST['status_id'] == 'answered')
return $ticket->setState('answered');
It works so far but it is very ugly.

For what reason was this feature removed?
Is there any change that this feature will be available again?


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