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I made a customized form for file uploading of profile picture and users should also mention their position in the company or organization. I want it to display in the profile page of the user. How is that? I am using version 1.9.15


  • I want the form to be added here. 
    Note: Picture used on the screen shot is just for display of change I wanted to do
  • edited July 2017
    Is this a custom form in osTicket with the fileuploader?

    If it is you might need to extend the class so that it's displayed the way you want.

    However the easiest way would probably be to create a custom uploader and puts all the avatars in a specific location and name the uploaded file like this {username}.{extension}

    Then you could do something like this

    // open the file in a binary mode
    $name = 'images/mystery-oscar.png';
    if($_GET && isset($_GET["user"]) && file_exists('images/' . $_GET["user"] . '.png'))
    $name = 'images/micke7.png';
    $fp = fopen($name, 'rb');

    // send the right headers
    header("Content-Type: image/png");
    header("Content-Length: " . filesize($name));

    // dump the picture and stop the script

    Then you just call the php file like this and you'll get my avatar (if i've uploaded one, else it'll be the default one) for example, and once you've that you can easily embed that into your profile page.
  • I see no avatar.php in my osticket. I am using 1.9.15, it doesn't have avatar.php nor class.avatar file. :(
  • edited July 2017
    avatar.php is the new file you've to make with the code i posted.
  • Based on the screen schot I would say that they are using a 3rd party theme mod.

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