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Problem with attachment and image after migration


We have problem with xlsx, docx, images (embeded) after migration from CentOS 6.5 to Windows 2008 R2 with same osticket version 1.9.14.

All attachment above are corrupted when we try to open, while images are not linked.

Can someone help on this urgently?


  • Screen shot as per attached
  • Are your attachments in the database?
  • Yes they in the database...
  • All I can think is that the versions of apache or php must be different, or have different configurations. 
  • I have downgraded to the same php version 5.5.38 but attachment still show corrupt. Could you help me to verify if there's anything wrong with these 2 phpinfo? Thanks a mil!

    I actually copy and paste the whole osticket folder and import the whole osticket database dump out from previous CentOS to Windows 2008 R2 c:\xampp\htdocs folder
  • Xampp.. there's your issue mate. ;-)

    But here are the differences I spotted, it would be easier for you to actually compare the ini themselves:

    Default timezone

    A bunch of error handling and email differences, notwithstanding the obvious windows/Linux ones.
    The issue is possibly the too-short max execution time, 300s vs 30s, it might not be enough to load the file? The other could be the variables.

    That said, 30s should be enough to load most files!

    Dunno, I'd be turning error reporting on and trying it again, see what the actual error is.
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