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OSTicket Database Maintenance

Is there any DB maintenance that is recommended to be performed?
We have been running OSTicket for just over a year now. Thanks


  • I like to run optimize every week, the tables get a bit of overhead, especially if you're storing attachments in the database, and doubly so if you have a large volume of tickets.

    Otherwise it seems to like keeping old data around, the logs and message headers etc can get large, but not overly. We've over half a million tickets and had to move to filesystem storage for attachments, just for performance, now the whole database can fit in ram again and it's happy.

    I have a plugin to archive old tickets, it's still in beta, but you can help test it if you want.
  • How do I optimise DB? Not a big MySQL user.
  • These guys have about 50 different ways of saying either use a script or the mysqlcheck command:

    I use the latter via cron early Sunday morning, when we're least likely to have new tickets.
  • Thanks Grizly - somehwere to go and research.
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