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Forgot My Password - Not Working


Every time someone click on the "Forgot My Password" (client side) is redirected to the home page without seeing any king of error.
Any clue about whats happening?


osTicket Versionv1.10 (901e5ea)   Up to date
Web Server SoftwareMicrosoft-IIS/8.5
MySQL Version10.1.10
PHP Version5.5.34


  • There seems to be some strange errors if you're using a <5.6 version of php.

    What happens if you try to navigate to ?
  • HAve you consulted your web error log?
  • @Micke1101
    I'll update the PHP.
    If someone navigate to /pwreset.php is redirected to /index.php

    I didn't find any error on php error log or windows event viewer.
  • Looking at the code for that page there is only 1 thing that will redirect the user to index.php if you just navigate to pwreset.php and that's if password resets are disabled:

    The only place i can find this reference in the settings is under Settings > Agents > Settings > Allow password reset.

    So try enabling that and see what happens if your user tries to go there.
  • Thanks @Micke1101
    Problem solved!
    I was trying to get it working for the users, not for the agents. Never crossed my mind that an option at the agent settings would solve the problem.
  • Yea very strange, this definitly seems like a bug/unlogical behaviour.
    But glad it solved it for you :)
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