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Confused about default form fields.

Requiring just an email address from users, after editing the 'Ticket Details' form there's no textarea for users to add their message.

In admin the 'Ticket Details' form shows:

User Information Fields: email address.Form Fields has two blanks (can these be deleted, or others added?).
And 'Internal Notes' is showing.
I don't know if something like 'Issue details' is required to generate the appropriate textarea - and if so, it presumably needs a type of 'thread entry'... for which I can't find a dropdown option.
I'm neither expert nor idiot, but this does seem confusing.


  • I followed your links above, and attempted to make a ticket, but there are no fields for the default Topic, it threw a 500 server error on submit. Don't know if it created it or not.. do you have a ticket from ?

    Did you disable the fields on the topic->forms tab? Or have you simple disabled them on the Forms -> ticket details page?
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