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Make some columns hidden in Ticket->Closed Tickets

Hi i have some question, is it possbile to hide columns only in specific view? E.g I'd like to hide a priority column when you are in ticket->closed ticket. 
Where should I modify code? I was searching in /include/staff/ticket.php but i didnt find out how to do this.


  • I achieved it with a few lines changed in /include/staff/

    After Line 90:

    ~ Line 376 // Select pertinent columns
    Add after the $tickets->values line:
    if($queue_name == 'closed')

    ~ line 590 (before the <td with the $T['cdata__:priority.. )
    Change } else { to
    } elseif($queue_name != 'closed') {

    Then it doesn't fetch the data, nor display it, but only for closed tickets.
  • Thank you :) 
  • No worries mate. :-)
  • edited July 2017
    well, I have some problem with this solution, because after the change my closed ticket table has bigger cells than others. I thnik I should change somwhere near "elseif" but I didnt find out how to fix this.
  • There'll be some colspan attributes screwing up the widths, this is another reason why tables suck..
    If it's bearable, the next version of osTicket is supposed to have custom queues, if not, ping me and I'll have a look when I'm in the office.
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