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filters and e-mail folders

Hi guys, not sure if this is a Installation / setup question or a feature suggestion ..

I was looking at the ticket filter system and wanted to know if it is possible to filter based on text in the subject line or if the E-mail has an attachment or the file name of the attachment? 

for example we monitor a mailbox and once a month users e-mail in a excel file with data .. the subject has the word "submission file" in it and the filenames (should) follow a standard pattern. 

Ideally this should trigger an action ... 

The ideal action would be for the email with the file to be moved into a separate "submissions" folder which we can process later. 

At the moment i couldn't see a action on the Filter screen to trigger on subject or that a filter could move an e-mail to a specified directory? 


  • You can not use osTicket to set up mail rules. 

    It will pull emails from an inbox, create a ticket for them in your ticket system, and then move the email to a folder, but you can not choose one folder for this, and another folder for that. 

    You should look into mail rules in your email client for that functionality. 
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