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Sorting tickets

Hi, how should I modify my code to implement a possibility to sort tickets in staff view > users > user directory.


  • edited July 2017
    or just does someone know in which file I can change this.

    Photo to make me clear :) 

  • Hello Buczko,

    you have to edit:


    Best Regards
  • It looks like that's the SCP Users page, which is:

    & /scp/users.php

    Not entirely sure though, never used that before today. ;-)
  • Hello Buczko,

    in "/include/staff/" is this:

    include STAFFINC_DIR . 'templates/tickets.tmpl.php';

    you have edit only:


    Best Regards
  • Hmm, must have missed the first comment. Also, the dates made me think you'd revived a thread from years ago. Lol

    Looks annoying though, make sure you post your solution or make a pull request so it can go in the next version
  • Thank you guys. You have helped me a lot. But i have one more question, how to make that list sortable, just like tickets table? I mean by clicking in headings. I've changed the way that user tabel display headings(just like tickets table, with little arrows), but sorting doesn't work. When i click on table to sort, it sorts but it redriects me to user directory and then sorts again. When I change the ulr by adding 'id=xx' before sort=..... it works perfectly How can I fix it?
  • There is a little sort button on the right. Hmm, forgot about the headings lol.
  • Yeah I was talking about sorting by cliking on headings. Tryed do it on my own, I managed to make heading just like in ticket view, but when I'm trying to sort by a headings ulr dont saves user id so it sorts all user table not a specific user's tickets 
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