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Allow DNS FQDN in API key instead of only IP address

We have load balanced back end systems that we'd like to have open tickets via the API. The problem is that the same code can run on one of several hosts each with a different IP address.

I think it would be more flexible if the API key generation accepted either an IP address or FQDN. If an FQDN is entered, that FQDN is saved, and a DNS lookup is done at the time of API invocation. If the calling system's IP address is one of the A records returned for the FQDN, allow it. You could add PTR record lookup as well.

Another (less elegant IMHO) option would be to allow multiple IP addresses to be assigned to one API key.

Yet another possibility would be to allow subnets to be entered instead of an IP address (something like That's a pretty big hammer, but it would suffice for our needs.


  • Thanks for the feedback I will pass it along.

    I too would like to see this section of the product receive some love and have more options.
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