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Choices as subject not showing on dashboard

Just upgraded to 1.10 and have found that our subject is not showing on the ticket dashboard.

We have a choices as our field type, with 30 or so choices configured.
None of these show in the subject of old tickets or new tickets.

The subject is on the ticket as normal just not on the dashboard.
If I change it to short answer it shows {"ABC":"ABC"} ABC being the ticket subject.

Any help is appreciated with this.


  • Subject (email) is Issue Summary (ticket)... which is a text field, not a choice field.  Change it back to Short Answer.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    Sorry I was meaning the variable subject in forms - Ticket Details field.
  • I just tested that on a test install, changed to Choice, added a few choices.. sure enough, nothing.

    I hacked at it for a bit, but can't figure it out, looks like the subject is stored in a different table to the form, and yet, when viewing a single ticket, the $ticket instance has access to the correct format.. so, a hacky/slow/shite implementation that will get you over the hump, assuming you're ok with the perf hit, /include/staff/ after line 526:
    if($subject_field instanceof ChoiceField){//HACK.. likely incredibly slow
    $subject = Ticket::lookup($T['ticket_id'])->getSubject();
  • I have tried this code and doesn't change anything. When viewing the tickets, it puts the Department name in the subject area, but when you open the ticket it shows the correct subject.
  • Actually it is replacing the subject with the Help Topic field on the ticket list
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