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Re: sending a cc to the line manager when a specific help topic is selected


I am looking to get some guidance on how can I cc the line manager/account manager automatically when only one particular help topic is choose.

I know we can get account manager cced  for every ticket raised automatically but in this case i just want an email to be cced to the line manager or account manager  when the user chooses a  particular help topic.

 Thanking you



  • Tickets (and Help Topics) do not have a CC field.  I cannot think of anyway to do this with out editing the core source files.

  • You could write a plugin, listen for ticket close signals, check the topic on the ticket, send the email if it matches.
  • Thanks guys , I will try both and update in this forum.

  •  can some one guide me which file should I edit and what I need to edit please?
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