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Cascading drop down list in open ticket form

Is there any way that a cascading drop down list could be provided to the end-user at the time of opening the ticket.
For example, if the user chooses country, the next list is dynamically filled with the states of that particular country. Upon choosing state, the third drop down list will provide the user the list of cities in that state.

I am using osTicket version 1.10
PHP version 5.4.16
Mysql version 5.7.18
and Apache/2.4.6



  • This is not currently a feature of osTicket at this time.  

    You can sort of do it once.  You can use Help Topics to include another form based on what the User/Agent answers it.  

    Help Topic: USA
    Could add a form called Location-US. Which then asks for state and zipcode.

    Help Topic: Canada
    Could add a form called Location-CA. Which then asks for Provinces and postal code.
  • Thank you for the quick response.
    However, i don't think I would be able to use that. In my case, country represents department, which I can't add to help topics as it wouldn't be semantically correct.
    Thanks again.
  • Would something like this work for you (dynamic one)?
    Cause then you could probably specify it as a new type.
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