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Is it possible to share Saved Searches between agents


The "Advanced Ticket Search" lets me construct a query and save it for later re-use.
Is it possible make those saved queries available to all members of my department and/or team?


  • edited July 2017
    Update: I have found in the comment to "SavedSearch" class: "staff_id - (int:unsigned) Agent to whom this queue belongs (can be null  for public saved searches)" so it looks like public searches are possible. But I couldn't find any way in the UI to save search with null in staff_id. Also, as I can see in phpAdmin 'staff_id' field of <prefix>_queue table is not nullable.
    Before I'll do my dirty hacks I would like to ask if this feature is already somehow designed and maybe it is on its way to be implemented, so that I could at least make my hacks consistent with future versions of osTicket
    (or maybe be instead of making own hacks I could develop this feature and contribute it?)

  • Custom queues will allow you to make such a thing.
    It's available on github for 1.10 and as i've understood an expected feature in 1.11
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