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Missing fields into forms


I don't understand why but in my Installation of OSticket 1.10 / Apache 2.24 + Php 7.1.7 I miss some fields on forms ?
Ex : if I want add compagny details, create users, create organization.
It's not possible wth my installation and possible with my xampp demo OSticket.

Any idea how Can I fix this ?
I place also system info print screen, php missing extension could explain this trouble ?

Thanks in advance !


  • I attached print screen It's look not uploaded first time.

  • Php 7.1.7

    Downgrade to 5.6 or 7.0
  • you think ? Ok I will try it.
    Many thanks !
  • hello, I try with PHP 7.0.21  and PHP 5.6.31 and no improvement.
    Fields keep missing or invisible...
    No others idea that's could explain this ?...

    Thakks in advance !

  • I found something interresting, It's not due to PHP version in fact.
    But If I go to form section, then clic on config, we can see that's all fields are disable and in my demo version, all was enable ?
    very strange... but I have no explanation about this...
    Maybe support have explanation ?

    I enabled fields and now it's ok see in attach

  • This is a known problem:
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