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How to create automatic ticket?


i'm looking to create a mechanism where client send an email and open automatic ticket with automatic signup (if is the first time he sent an email) and receive an email with confirmation signup forum and link to ticket.

It's possible?


  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

    You have not included any version or environment information.

    If you have email fetching configured and do not require user registration, what you are asking happens by default.

  • i only install the last version, and create my department and change logo. 

    I install in a subdomain, on plesk + ubuntu 16.04

    idont know technical name.. I ask if it is possible do this:

    • clients send me a simple email
    • osticket signup email and send it a password 
    • osticket send number ticket and ticket is received
    • i reply
    Osticket can manage this? And if it's possible how can I set?
  • You need to configure the link between osticket and your email server. It can fetch mail from an imap inbox, which is the easiest to configure.
  • i follow the tutorial but nothing happen...i also setup cron job
  • Please provide more details about your setup:
    mail Settings?
    Whats the actual cronjob you setup?
    Are you running the cronjob locally?
    Errors in the PHP error log?
    Version of osTicket?
    Version of PHP?
    Webserver software and version?

  • classic mail setting
    select every 5min the file cron.php
    no live way
    any error log 
    php version 5.6.31
    debian 8 with plesk
  • You didnt answer these:

    mail Settings?
    Whats the actual cronjob you setup?
    Webserver software and version?
  • ??

    the mail setting it's correct.. what do you mean?
    With plesk i sincro every 5minut the file /api/cron.php
    plesk onyx + debian + apache
  • What are the mail settings you have set in osTicket?

    What is the exact parameters that you used when you setup the cron job?
    Is Plesk calling the cron?  Or are you actually using Cron?

    Plesk is not cron.  Plesk is not a webserver.  Plesk is a package that provides you a webpage that allows you to control somethings on your webserver.  Apache is a webserver.  What version of Apache are you running?
  • i always use Plesk to setup cron without problem!

    It's a smtp sever mail.

    Apache last version..if i not wrong 2.4
  • If you can demonstrate how to Receive email via SMTP I'd be quite impressed! 
    In my experience, that protocol can only be used to Send email.

    So, you'll need to configure osTicket to check an IMAP or POP server, just like when you want to read your personal email, so the system can check and download the emails...

    If you don't want to tell us what server/type/host you use for email, or how you connect to it (ssl/ports) that's fine, but it limits our ability to tell what might be wrong, however, you can still check those things. 

    For reference: refer to the link I posted earlier, but at a minimum, you'll have TWO sets of email settings. 
    Maybe talk to your system/mail administrator for details. 

  • I use IMAP server ofccourse smtp to send it. 

    i connect in ssl port..if you want ask  more detail maybe i can i help better, like I say i'm not expert. 

    If you want i create another access and send detail in private
  • Well alright, apologies for the sarcasm, apparently I'm in a bit of pain and it limits my patience.

    Have you verified that the IMAP account is accessible by the server? This might help:

    Then check the osTicket admin page for the server system settings, it should show ticks for all the modules and settings etc, navigate to "Admin panel" -> Dashboard -> Information, which has URL /scp/system.php

    I use this on Ubuntu myself, so it definitely works, but if you don't have the right modules installed, it's not going to work. You'll need php extension imap for what your trying to do.

    Next verify your IMAP settings, for instance working Gmail settings are like this
    "Admin panel" -> Emails -> Your Account:

    Under: Fetching Email via IMAP or POP
    Status Enable
    Port Number 993
    Mail Box Protocol IMAP+SSL

    But it depends on your email host etc what those are. For Gmail you use the full email address as the username and set the password.
    If you use 2fa for the account, you'll need to setup an application password.

    Then run cron from the command line and make sure it works. From a terminal, navigate to the installation folder and run the cron.php script:

    cd /path/to/osticket
    cd api
    php cron.php

    That should trigger a fetch, if that works, but it doesn't automatically work, then something is wrong with your cron config.

    Actually, it's been a while since I used plesk, but make sure you're passing the full path to the script, that helps.

    Don't know what your php cli binary is, but this cron command might work:

    /usr/bin/php /path/to/osticket/api/cron.php

    Because the script isn't executable by itself, you need to call php with it as an argument.

    Guide to getting it cron on plesk:

    Depends on your version of plesk, and your level of access etc. They like to restrict access to cron as it can be dangerous to the server as a whole, so it matters what subdirectory your osticket is installed in. I used a wrapper script on my media temple servers when I was working with them and had to use plesk.


    Let me know how you're going.
  • thank you for your patience. Now work fine. I write wrong the cron...

    it's very easy thank you so much! 

    Last question, if client send me an email he dont receive an email with password right?
  • No worries mate.

    And No, it doesn't send passwords.
  • thank you so much! 

    I understand you i'm not a person with a lot of patience :D 
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