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Request: Update form on responce

Ok, so half my tickets are sales, and they need tracking (pending quote, quoted, accepted, invoiced, ordered, installed)

Now i have a custom form for this and a list and that all works nicely.
I also now have a custom column on my tickets screen (thank you: that shows the status.

however, agents need to update this often, almost every time they make a responce or internal note,

how would i get the custom form to display on the post response/internal note screens, or how could i make the value, always editable at the top of the screen in the ticket details?

thanks in advanced


  • Can't you just add those as statuses? Then it'll be available at the response and be 1 less thing to do for the agents.
  • no because not all tickets need this and we use the status as a status. e.g. awaiting customer, open, hold, closed.

  • I wrote my own, but it's hacky and cheats.. hard. Should really learn how the form system works, but I kinda hate it. There's no documentation.
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