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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Upgrade from Osticket 1.9.12 to 1.10


Currently, I use ver.1.9.12 with some customizations the templates and i want to upgrade to ver 1.10. How i still use my current customizations after upgrade process? Is it possible? What should i do?
Please Advise.

Thank You. :)


  • When you say "with some customizations the templates" do you mean that your only customizations are to the:
    • email templates
    • osTicket system settings
    If that is what you are saying then you would upgrade normally.  This article should guide you:

    If you are saying that you altered the code to make the product behave differently then stock, then you could have some issues.  You can probably still upgrade normally but any code customizations would be lost, and you would have to re-implement them after.
  • Besides email templates and system settings, my customizations templates like form for create new ticket and to show tickets list.
    My others question, Does database structure is different between the old version ?
  • Custom forms are part of settings so you are good.

    Many versions have a slightly different database structure. The upgrade process changes that to match the new version DB.

  • Is it mean i can't use my old database on new version of osticket (V.1.10) ?
  • The old database will be upgraded to the new version.. that's why the upgrade process suggests taking a backup first. 
  • edited July 2017
    How i can migration data from old database version ?
    And where i find sql syntax (Insert) for create new ticket ? because i want to know when i create ticket what tables are will update.
  • Sorry, you want to manually insert tickets directly into the database? Why? I mean, go nuts if that's your dream, but you could use the API which does that for you, or email..

    Most of the tables are the same, some fields are moved to different tables, because of increased use of the forms system, and changes to the search. If you don't hit everything right, you might be missing quite a lot.

    To see what I mean, enable full query logging on a test site, make a ticket with the web interface and check the log to see what it did, that's the list of queries you'd need to perform.. seems like a hard way to go about it though.

    Or maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.
  • edited August 2017
    Hi, i started updating the system but i got an error after the black pop upt box with this message: "something went wrong". There is no further message and i come back in this screen (see attached). Please help, thanks!

    (Found it allready, files were missing)

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