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To configure external SMTP server for outgoing and incoming mails


I am using OSticket-1.6.0 for past 5 years and it is going on very well.

For all these years I was using internal SMTP server and the system is going on well.

But recently we migrated to external mail server which accepts connection on xx.xx.xx.xx;465

Though I configured this with authentication, it is not working.

Please help to solve this issue as it users and staff are not getting alerts.



  • Have you configured smtp for the alerts email address in osticket settings?
  • As a side note you do know that support for 1.6 ended a few years ago right?
  • @ ntozier: sorry I don't know that the support is ended. Please help me in solving this issue. I will upgrade to the new version as soon as possible. 

    @Grizly: Yes I have created a mail-id called osticket@ourdomain and alerts were sent from this mail -id.

    Password is created and authentication is enabled. Please help to solve this issue.

  • @revmon94 Make sure you set the alerts@ email to use the default then. It's under "Admin Panel" -> Emails -> Settings, change "Default Alert Email" to the one you've configured.
  • Yes I had already set. I used the same emaild id for all these years. Only the email server location is outside our campus. domain also is the same.
  • Getting error as SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: -1, response: )]

    Also unable to login...

    But username and password is orrect
  • Do you have a firewall blocking it?
    Or maybe you can only send as the account address, not alerts@ via that user?
    Do you actually have an alerts@ account on the server? That might work..
  • Hi thanks finally resolved.

    when gave ssl:// problem got solved.

    Thanks for all your support
  • Ahh, port 465, I'll remember that one. Glad it's sorted mate. :-)
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