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Agents & Users tickets


I want to know how can I see in the Agent Panel the tickets created by a user. I did a modification to put my email as an agent and as a user, so, I want to see in agent panel the tickets created by me like a user.


  • Assuming that you have access to the department that that ticket was created in...
    You log into the UI as an Agent... and you look at open tickets.
  • Yes, I have access to the departments, but, when I logon to the Agent Panel, I can't see the tickets created by my own user, Can I modify something in the config or in the code (but I don't know where) to look the user's tickets?
  • Your first image shows tickets opened by three different users.
    You (Marisol) have two open tickets there. 
    Those two tickets are in Sistemas and Pagos.
    The rest of the open tickets appear to be in Contabilidad.
    You must not have access to that department as an Agent.
  • Yes, Is correct what you say... I want to see the second image tickets (user panel) in my agent panel without have access to contabilidad department. I mean, be a user and an agent at the same time and look the tickets created as a user in my agent panel.
  • I already undestood what you try to explain to me!! After a 1 hour.. but I undestood how can I use departments and the access to them. Thank you!!! :D
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