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$10K bounty for OSTicket development


We have a budget of USD 8K - 10K and are looking for a freelance OSTicket developer to branch the latest OSTicket build and add/change the following.

1. Jira integration. Ability to report issue to Jira and monitor updates on reported issue.
2. Salesforce integration. Continuous import of contacts and companies. Show opportunities for the current contact.
3. Fix search functionality.
4. Fix bug with firefox which makes cursor jump from edit window.
5. Fix bug with editor where after adding an attachment the attachment is dropped.
6. Add auto close ticket functionality if user has not replied for certain amount of time.
7. Any user has the ability to mark as answered.
8. Ability to combine tickets.
9. Change ticket locks so that they do not apply to private notes.

We would hand the developer a dump of our database to work with and give the full details on each item. Please get in touch if this is something you can do.


  • I'm interested in some of those personally, have you reported any of the bugs?

    1. Jira: don't use it, but lists a few that might be adaptable, loads of API eg
    2. SF: don't use it, but they have also have loads of API's, eg:
    3. search: hmm, yes, we need this too. Some of the queries are shocking and literally lock up my db.
    4. I've heard of the firefox bug.. I honestly didn't believe my user, and he can never replicate it when I'm there, but if you're reporting it too.. hmm. 
    5. I've only seen the upload error when another javascript error has already been triggered, it's likely something simple, like a missing try/catch, I can never replicate it.  (it could even be pjax.. )
    6. Auto-close: Could be good. Wouldn't take much, we just close everything, if they've more to say, they can reopen.
    7. Any-Close: Could be good, would take a bit more than #6, (add a form element to the ticket thread, add a backend to the user space code, ensure it's not exploitable)
    8. Combine/Merge: I think there is a mod for this already.. but it's not integrated. Dunno, haven't used it, we've not needed it.
    9. Dont-Lock-Notes: Hmm, good point. This should be reported.

    You've seriously got 10k laying around for this? Wow. 
    To whomever does this, can you hook us up with some/all of your patches for 3 and up? 
  • Hi,

    3.  What kind of search functionality is it you're looking for?
    4. Never seen the behaviour myself, this thread suggests updating redactor:
    5. Is this when creating a new ticket? A new reply? Editing thread?
    6. This one should be quite easy to make as an api that you can call with a cron job.
    7. You want to be able to just simply mark them as answered without actually answering them?
    9. Shouldn't be a big one.
  • Hi Grizly and Micke1101,

    We have already burned through $20K with failed migrations to other support systems. In comparison $10K is cheap if we can fix the problems that are making us want to move from OSTicket and it would also benefit the community.

    3. On our installation search has never worked properly. The main search bar only searches for ticket numbers and users emails. When we use advanced search it does not search the text content of the tickets, only the titles. We have identified that some of the issues are due to our installation being in Australian English. Others we have found that other users are also experiencing. We want the main search bar on the tickets page to search everything. i.e. ticket numbers, users, ticket titles, ticket text content.

    4. With our installation the issue occurs repeatably from any machine running firefox. However on a fresh install it does not seem to occur. We would probably have to provide our DB dump for the developer to get to the bottom of it.

    5. Any editing scenario. Potentially this bug.

    7. This functionality is already present but currently only the team administrator can mark as answered. We want any user in the team to be able to do it.

    So does anybody want to try and take it on ?
  • As I have no experience with Jira/Salesforce I think i'll have to tap out on that.

    3, 6, 7, 9 should be quick.

    4 it looks like the one that redactor has posted that has the fix in it (2.3) is not open source.
    So maybe one would have to replace redactor.

    5 Yea i was thinking that it's probably that one too.

    8 Already available, just need to add the changes.
  • edited July 2017
  • Nice one @Grizly!

    3: It does actually already search for content inside of tickets and subjects, problem is if you press enter, if you press the button it does work.
    Pressing the button
    Pressing enter (activating first item)

  • I'm writing an archive plugin that's almost done, so I adapted a copy to just close tickets instead of archive them. Turns out finding open ones is more complicated than finding closed.
    I realise now that it doesn't actually address the exact wording of the requirement, because it only checks last update, not last user reply. Pretty close though.
  • Adding a check for the isanswered field should fix that right?
  • Could also pull all the ticket thread entries and check the last user message timestamp. Wouldn't be as efficient.
    It could make a good admin option though: "Only auto-close tickets that have been replied to and are past their due date". Hmm, why didn't I think of that earlier?
  • edited July 2017
    As a side not, there is also osTicket Customization services which helps support the conmtinued development of osTicket:
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the info.

    ntozier we would be very happy to pay EnhanceSoft to complete the work. I hadn't approached because I had seen a post that they were inactive at the moment. I have sent an email.

    If they can't help I'll put it on and get in a contract developer.
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