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How to set up knowledgebase so that you have to be signed in to view

System info:

osTicket Version v1.10 (901e5ea)
Up to date
Web Server Software Apache
MySQL Version 5.5.53
PHP Version 5.4.26
I'm trying to set up a couple pages in the knowledgebase, but we want to restrict the access to these pages to only logged in users. Under 'Knowledgebase Settings and Options' I checked the 'Require Client Login' box, but I get the error message 'The knowledge base cannot be restricted unless client registration is enabled.' We currently have the User Registration Method set to 'Private - only Agents can register users', because this is a closed ticket request system (only certain people have the need to use it).

If I'm understanding this correctly, do this mean that we can only restrict use of the Knowledgebase if we open the system to allow anyone to register?  We would rather not do that as it would potentially allow access to sensitive information. If this is the way the system is set up, is there a way to add that security?

Thanks for any assistance,



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