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Can only add limited number of site names

I have a ticket field in osticket. I need to add 1020 site names into it. But it only allow me to enter like 925 names. After that if I copy more names to it all the names are disappearing. IF there any limit or how can I fix this?



  • Without confirming it, most of these behaviors are due to mysql table design.
    So if you change the max character count it should let you save more.
  • Thank you so much for your answer. But I don't know how to do mysql ?where can I find it?
  • It'll depend on what software you're using to host the site, if you have phpmyadmin that's probably the easiest.
    And yes it seems that the configuration field is of type TEXT which holds 2^16 bytes, if you want to keep more data you'll have to switch to MEDIUMTEXT which will hold 2^24 bytes.
  • Yeah.. it stores that as JSON I think.. which is going to expand it further. You might need to redesign how this is added. Maybe lists would work? is that what lists are for? 
  • I don't use Choices fields.  When they first came out they didn't seem to work right, so I only use Lists.
  • Thank you all for your advices. I don't see a list option here. How to add it? I got short answer, long answer,
    date and time, phone number, check box, choices etc. These are the things I see under types.
  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists
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