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Do Not Show Topics But Have DIfferent Links To Forms

I want to set up a few topics, but remove the option from the open ticket form and have different url's that link straight to the topic open ticket page.

Does this make sense?

I am trying to set up forms for different clients that essentially ask the same questions, but I want each ticket sortable/traceable by client (topic).

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • You'd have to hide/delete the combobox for helptopic and in the url add ?topicId=2
  • edited July 2017
    Thanks for the ?topicId=2pointer - works exactly how I want.

    I found this code in include/client/

        <tr><td colspan="2"><hr />
            <div class="form-header" style="margin-bottom:0.5em">
            <b><?php echo __('Help Topic'); ?></b>
           <td colspan="2">
                <select id="topicId" name="topicId" onchange="javascript:
                        var data = $(':input[name]', '#dynamic-form').serialize();
                         'ajax.php/form/help-topic/' + this.value,
                            data: data,
                            dataType: 'json',
                            success: function(json) {
                    <option value="" selected="selected">&mdash; <?php echo __('Select a Help Topic');?> &mdash;</option>
                    if($topics=Topic::getPublicHelpTopics()) {
                        foreach($topics as $id =>$name) {
                            echo sprintf('<option value="%d" %s>%s</option>',
                                    $id, ($info['topicId']==$id)?'selected="selected"':'', $name);
                } else { ?>
                        <option value="0" ><?php echo __('General Inquiry');?></option>
                    } ?>
                <font class="error">*&nbsp;<?php echo $errors['topicId']; ?></font>

    From about line 57.  I could not comment it out, so removing it takes out the Topic selection option, but, it does not 'choose' the topic and I get an incomplete form error!
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