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Inline images from HTML emails are not being displayed in staff view

Running OS ticket 1.9.3 on Apache/2.2.25 with PHP 5.4, database is MySQL 5.5.20

Emails are pulled via POP3 from an Exchange 2013 SP1 server, emails are created in MS Outlook 2013 SP1 and are in HTML format. All content of email is captured, but inline images are displayed in the staff view of the ticket like :


Attachments are configured in OSTicket to be saved to database - the filesystem plugin is NOT installed.

I've looked into the database at this specific ticket (although this happens all for tickets generated from email), the ticket ID is 643, and in the table ost_ticket_attachment is see a row with:
attach_id=481 ticket_id=643 file_id=465 ref_id=2081 inline=1

I then looked at the table ost_file:


  • Post continued:

    Next I've looked in table ost_file_chunk:
    filedata=[BLOB - 8.2KiB]

    If i save the blob data and rename to .png i can open and view the attachment, which proves the image is being retrieved from the email and saved to the database. however it is not being presented via the staff ticket interface.

    We had someone the other day create a ticket via the web interface - she uploaded a couple of images from there - and these displayed perfectly in the staff ticket interface.

  • Please provide a screen shot of a test ticket from the staff interface that you know to have an attachment.
    (feel free to black out any email addresses, phone numbers, etc)
  • This is a shot from the ticket mentioned in earlier post. After digging into the database i could view the image.

  • I'll ask the devs to take a look at this thread... but I've never seen this.
  • Hi,

    Any progress with the devs on this?

  • I do not see a reply from them on this thread, so I would say no.
  • Same Problem... with osticket 1.10

  • edited July 2017
    Did you push the "Show images" button?

    Also, this thread is 3 years old.
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