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Nagiosxi/ostiket integration

Dear colleagues,

Could you please tell me if there is any solution to integrate Nagiosxi with OSTICKET BY EMAIL OR BY API

Create & AutoCLOSE the thicket when the alerte is resolved



  • Nagios is a network monitoring tool.
    You can configure it to send emails during outages.
    osTicket collects emails and makes tickets.
    So you are all set on that side.

    However there is no way to autoclose a ticket when the alert is resolved.
  • Dear ntozir,

    Thanks for your repply, i done all you side it's work perfect,

    but my issue is when nagios send alertes not acknoledged every hour, a nother ticket is created on osticket for the same alerte

    there any why to close the ticket when the alerte nagios is resolved "status change to OK"

    Smail tahir
  • Is there any way to identify that it's the same issue?
    Probably gonna need a new api for this or to modify core.

    You would need a new api for the closing of the ticket, could be done in the same as the api probably.
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