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Database related files

edited August 2017 in Mods and Customizations
Hi everyone,

I'm an intern in a bank company, and as a project for my internship they told me to make a call management application. I found your open source ticketing system and i thought maybe i could work on it and try to adapt it to my project.

I did some modifications on the interface making it like the one they wanted, now i need to begin the back-end part, and for that i would like to know where i can find the database related php files so i could do some modifications on them too. Especially the part related to the advanced search because basically the app i'm supposed to make is an app that allows to search for a specific client and retrieve all his info based on multiple input criteria.

Thanks in advance !

PS: I need to find a solution asap because of the time limit i have :/


  • I would start here:

    For Search I would start here:
  • Change the database files? Do you mean modify the orm?
    I think the user search uses that, can't remember, maybe take screenshots of what you're looking at and say how you'd need it, then we could help with changing it.

    FYI: advanced search is for finding tickets, not users. You can arrange your users into organisations or simply use the users tab to see all tickets for a user, but I've not tried to search for a user without having a ticket open that needed dealing with.

    Call management? Do you mean phone calls? Maybe you'd need a CRM tool rather than a ticketing system?

    Which bank is getting development done by an intern? Are they paying you? I have many questions apparently.
  • @ntozier : Thanks, i'll go look for these files.

    @Grizly : I mean by changing the database files to make them retrieve data from a modified database (i have a database with calls instead of tickets and the users/clients have different attributes). I don't know what orm means btw ^^'.
    Yeah phone calls management, let me explain it more clearly, the app i should make is basicaly like this : it would let a Client Call Manager login to his account, and after receiving a call from a client be able to search for him and show all the information related to this client (his bank accounts, cards, previous phone calls ...), and also be able to take an appointment for this client and at the end, the phone call is save in the database. I hope it's clear.

    Well i can't reveal the name of the bank but i can say that it's in Morocco, and no they aren't paying me.

    i'll attach a screenchot of the modified interface i made so you could understand a bit, i also hid the logo of the bank for privacy ( i'm sorry it's in french but if you need any translation you could ask me )

    Thanks a lot !
  • What you're describing is called CRM, or: customer relationship management.

    (FYI: ORM is

    I'll have a look and get back to you mate.
  • Thanks a lot man you really are helping me a lot :D !

    Now basically the problem i have is that i have some search inputs in the upper part as you can see and as i search a client with one or more criteria the bottom and right fields should be filled with the client data. But there's also some tabs that also contain some other client info, but when i want to change from tab to tab the other data in the other fields disappear basically because the tabs are related to different php files.

    The solution i thought of is maybe putting all the tabs in one php file so that when the search is done all the data is filled and i can freely navigate between the tabs.

    What do you think ? Do you have any idea how i can do that ? Or do you have another solution for that ?

    Thanks in advance ! 
  • I solved the problem : all my tabs are now in one php file.

    Now i need to work on the filling of the tables upon searching for a client from the database. An example of a table i need to fill is the calls table where previous calls of the client are gonna be shown ( the one you can see in the middle of the screenshot ). So i need to get the id of the client currently calling ( being searched by the CCM ) and retrieve all his previous calls from the calls table ( clientID being a foreign key in this table ).

    After i've done that i need to work on the update and record features : the CCM can change/update any field of the calling client and can take an appointment for the client ( inserted into a table called rdv ) and also record the call archive ( inserted into a table interaction ).

    Now i'm working on these features but any advice or sample codes would be a lot of help !

    Thanks a lot !
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