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Recommended server setup and configuration > osTicket doesn't run correct at many ISP

Hi there,

during the installation of osTicket for some clients on their own servers / hosting packages / managed services we remarked that two problems often come up:

- ajax help popups in scp are not working, cgi.fix_pathinfo = 0 or 1 doesn't solve the problem
- inline images are stored correctly in the database but not displayed in frontend and in scp

We did installations on hosting services of,,,, and many smaller hosting providers. All server requirements are fulfilled and the installation is running without problems. We tried many configurations (PHP versions, extensions, plugins) and setups, had a closer look to error.logs, examined the pages while running, but couldn't solve the problems mentioned above in many cases.

Please could you provide us a sample server setup and configuration, that will help us run osTicket fully functional at any ISP?

Best regards,


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    PHP5.6 - 7.0
    Apache2 (I've never experienced an Apache issue with ost)
    MySQL 5

    In my experience it is that many web hosts utilize complex mod_security (or similar) rules to try to make their web servers "safer", or they are running NGINX and just tell people its Apache. So you have to interface with their tech support to disable rules for "your site" to make it work.  Some hosts won't make exceptions, and when that is the case the only fix is to find another host.

    Maybe we should start two lists. One where osTicket is known to work, One where it does not (and how to make it work, or if you should switch ISPs).
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    @ntozier: We are preparing a demo package, that means: we do a clean install of osTicket and create content like stuff, user, tickets, knowledgebase etc. and build an installation package. After installation only the emails, mail settings and passwords has to be adjusted.

    With this demo package it's more easier to test an isp, just install and see if everything is displayed and working correct. The package will be build in german and english, so you can test multilanguage function, too.

    It drives us crazy, that osTicket runs on some isp without problems and on others not, even if the installer check is passed.

    We have contact our accountants at some big and some small isp, they are doing a clean installation and will send back a report. Please make a suggestion, how we can handle the results for the community. I think threads will become confusing for this project.
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