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Best way to create link

I have a webpage that pulls up the information related to that ticket.  For example:

I would like to add this link somewhere on the tickets.php webpage.  What's the best way to do this?

Should I adjust the tickets.php manually and add the link? If so, what is the code to grab the ticket number?


  • Moved thread to Mods and Customizations.
  • Partially solved.  In, I was able to add hyperlink next to the ticket number at top (see code below). 

    However, open into new tab not working (target blank).  Any ideas on how to fix?

    <div class="flush-left">
                 <h2><a href="tickets.php?id=<?php echo $ticket->getId(); ?>"
                 title="<?php echo __('Reload'); ?>"><i class="icon-refresh"></i>
                 <?php echo sprintf(__('Ticket #%s'), $ticket->getNumber()); ?></a>
                 <?php $ticketAdmin = ltrim($ticket->getNumber(), '0'); ?>
                 <a href="../sample/sample.php?ticket=<?php echo $ticketAdmin; ?>"
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