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notification via ICQ or skype or any other messenger??

Good day , I would like to know are there any connectors for notification via ICQ or skype or any other messenger ?


  • There seems to be a few available:

    We need a directory of plugins I think.
  • I agree.  I've been telling the devs that an "app store" type thing like Wordpress has would be huge.
  • я не нашел ни чего подходящего (((, может кто подскажет есть ли возможность отправлять майл о новой заявке на 2 адреса ? типа как запасной .
  • Google translated: 
    I did not find anything suitable (((can someone tell me whether it is possible to send mail about a new application for 2 addresses? Type as an alternate

    Ok, I see, I just tried to find one for ICQ or Skype, and there isn't one, I'm not aware of any Skype third-party plugins (They exists, but I'm not aware of any osTicket integrations).
    ICQ is still around? I checked their terms of service, and it appears an API is never going to happen, so don't expect anything to send ICQ messages any time soon ;

    You might have more joy with a different app? if you find one that works well, let us know, I'm looking for one too. We were going to use something like haven't finalized plans though.
  • while they did so , in the database administrator has prescribed another email separated by a comma. I have earned notice on the backup email on new tickets , But not enough ((
  • now, how to install plugins if e can understand plain php and only phar files

  • If you cc the user, they get added as a collaborator, which notifies them as well.
    Installing plugins generally involves putting the plugin phar or folder into the /includes/plugins directory and using the admin interface to install it, then enable & configure.
  • I wish staff had 2 email . 
    1 - is a normal email, 
    2 -  SMS 2 email ,for example 7ХХХХХХХХХ notice came in the mail and on the phone!
  • for chief admin - it works ,but not for others staff

  • and returning to the plugins - I find the plugin for version 1.8 , they are in a zip archive and admin interface does not see them as php files
  • Google translate is terrible , but my English is worse

  • edited August 2017
    If you go here you can do a check to see if the staff has a phonenumber (there is no function to get the phonenumber by standard but you can easily make one like this: )

    and then just add the new email that will generate the sms to the array.
  • edited August 2017
    This is for you "easy".
  • edited August 2017

  • I don't have an enviroment to test this in unfortunately but you can try this

    Replace this line:
    with this
    if($to instanceof Staff && $phone = $to->getVar('phone'))
    return $mailer->send($to, $subject, $message, $options) && $mailer->send($phone . '', $subject, $message, $options);
    return $mailer->send($to, $subject, $message, $options);
  • It's all good , but if the operators are different ?
  • You could specify a custom field with operators that the user can pick from and then add that as a parameter and just use getvar on the field name.
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