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Dashboard Graph dates are wrong

Hi, i´m using osticket v1.9.15  the graph on the Dashboard tab has a problem It appears to be displaying the information correctly, but the dates along the bottom are wrong, i choose the specific date "until now" but only show me information until 2 days ago.  (Attached file).

Thank you in advance.


  • No file attached.
    Dashboard stats are historical and not real time.  
  • I am having the same issue exactly. 
    What good is a dashboard that is 2 days old?
  • @marcandry 
    1. please do not hijack other peoples threads.  If you have a problem then please start your own thread.  Make sure that you include actual information about your environment, and detail what you are experiencing.  

    2. The Dashboard is always a day old. It is historical data, not live data.
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