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Overdue Tickets


For overdue tickets can agent receive email notification? Now only manager will get the overdue notification.

Im using OSticket v1.10



  • Overdue ticket notifications are configurable by you at: Admin panel -> Tickets -> Alerts and Notices.  Under "Overdue Ticket Alert".
  • Hi @ntozier

    I already tick the requirement. But only department manager received the overdue. 

    Please find below.

  • Do you have email configured using PHPMail or SMTP?
  • I configure SMTP email. Should I select SMTP setting? Rather then None: Use PHP mail function?

  • If you are have it set to Use PHP Mail... then you are not using SMTP.
  • Are you getting any errors in your logs? What kind of mail server are you using to send them? Any errors in it's logs?
    Have you made any modifications or are you using any plugins? We'd need a little more information to replicate the issue mate.
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