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Adding column, contact information, SLA plan vs priority


I am using Osticket free 1 month trial version, installed few days ago and have some questions:
1 - where do I find "" in order to correct it to have additional column of Ticket Status?
2 - I haven't found instructions how to do that in v1.10, but here
ronitbs said he managed to achieve that with blueyeguy's instructions. Could you please point me to those instructions?
3 - in Contact Information there is field "email" which is Required and could not be erased, but in my case tickets will be opened only upon a telephone call and there is no need for user email to be Required field. Is there way to have "Optional" instead of "Required" for this one?
4 - what exactley SLA plan are used for? I see in its description it is a time limitation for ticked to be resolved/closed, and if not, it becomes overdue,correct? Does Priority of ticket has anything with automatic ticket status change to overdue or it is just descriptive, without any time counter? I am having troubles to distinguish Priority from SLA plan.

Thank you very much and I apologize for list of question.


  • idaida
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    I would also like to ask one more dilemma - 
    5. what is the role of Due date compared to SLA plan - as I understood SLA plan is the time limit for ticket to remain opened before is market overdue, but what is the role of Due date then? Is it also time limiting ticket status? To me it makes sense to have those two identical - SLA plan for example 72 h and therefore due date 3 days from today? It doesn't make sense to have SLA plan 72 h and Due date 7 days from today, does it? If I don't resolve ticket in 72h, I would have automatically overdue ticket in 72h and what would happen in 7 days with the status?
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    4, 5. When a ticket is created the due date is set based on the SLA plan.
    If i have a SLA plan that says that the ticket should be closed within 3 days, then the due date will be 3 days later, but the due date can be changed.
  • Hello Micke 1101,
    thank you for your response. I will also go by the list:

    1. I have never work with GitHub and am not sure if I should try to modify the code on the link you provided (I've just opened account there) and Pull the request for this? or there is another way for me to approach this function and change it "locally" meaning only for the needs of my Osticket installation?
    2. This one I've seen, but did not recognize that "Topic" column is the one showing ticket status ( i.e. Opened, Closed, In Progress, Awaiting, ...). Is it?
    3. for this one I am waiting someone else to respond 
    4&5. I am asking this because there are some periodic maintenance services that have to be done every 6 months which I want to put in tickets. For SLA plan setting, I would have to calculate number of hours from today until the due date every time I open new ticket for service and create SLA plans each time plus due date will be set. Tickets will rarely be opened exactly 6 months before. Do you have some more practical proposal for this? If ticket goes overdue due to SLA plan and I change due date for tomorrow, then the next overdue status will appear when new due date expires and SLA plan will have nothing to do with the ticket any more?

    Kind regards,
  • 1. You'll need to modify your own version in the folder include/staff.
    2. Change topic to status should be sufficient.
    4&5. If you specify the due date when creating the ticket this should override the SLA plan.
  • Thank you for the answer.
    1. Still, I am not clear how to find "my own version in the folder include/staff". I see that link you provided takes me to directly to folder that had that same name, but is that "my own"? If not, I am kindly asking you to provide me with step by step instruction how to get there?
    2. Great, I'll do that.

    3. Still no one regarding this issue?

    4&5. Thanks, I am testing all combinations. To me it seems that the one having longer deadline overrides the other? - if SLA is 72h and due date is tommorow, it will be overdue after SLA 72h expired and if SLA is 24h and due date is in 3days, it will be overdue in 3 days. Usually these two should match but there are situations when they don't - such as the ona I described earlier.

  • 1. I've never actually tried the trial so i don't know what interface you've.
    3. I think you'd need to do quite a few modifications.
    4&5. Don't see anything obvious that would cause the greater one to be the one that is assigned.
  • If you are using's 1 month trial then you cannot do this.
  • Hello ntozier, 

    are you referring to questions 1 and 3?
    Thank you very much for this info.
    We are planning to have free version installed next week and then I should be able to access this function? 
    Can you tell me where to find it then?

    Is there a correction code for question 3 in my list? Not every customer (in this terminology user) that calls our operators (in this terminology agent) will have an email so they will have to be informed by the phone about our actions regarding their issue. Customers will provide operator with information about their issue, operator will open new ticket and assign it to another agent (branch director for example). We need to have "phone" as required information, instead of "email". Is there some clever way to bypass this?

  • edited August 2017
    I am referring to "I am using Osticket free 1 month trial version" If you are using the 1 month free hosted version of osTicket (aka SupportSystem) then you do not have access to the source to make edits.
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