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[resolved] Allow agents to see closed tickets they were assigned to

edited August 2017 in Mods and Customizations

I would like to allow agents to see tickets they were assigned to, when they are closed (no matter who closed them)
Right now I have agents configured the way that I checked:  Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets 
and those agents then do not see closed tickets they were assigned to.

If I uncheck this, they see all the tickets in department and that is not what I want. There is only one department in my configuration, with teams inside it. Can this be done?

I saw this discussion which looks like it is the same issue:
and want to ask if this means that this option will be available in v1.11 or?



  • All you have to do is make sure that the ticket was assigned to a department that the Agent has access to.

  • In my case ticket is assigned to team and there is only one department with several teams inside it. For each agent (team members) I checked: Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets.

    This way agents (team members) see only tickets assigned to their team (or them personally).
    But the closed tickets tab is empty (it says "There are no tickets matching your criteria."), although they did close some of their tickets.

    When this is unchecked all agents see all tickets (which is not ok) and they see everyone's closed tickets too. I did this option for system administrator, who should to see all tickets anyway.

    Perhaps this can't be done with one department and teams, so I have to make departments instead of teams?
    I can attach print screen of some windows if it can help.

  • Tickets assigned to a Team are not assigned to a Department.
  • idaida
    edited August 2017
    Maybe I did not describe an issue I have very well, so I will try to do it again. I am kindly asking you to forgive me for repeating myself and maybe going too much into details.

    There are 3 teams in 1 department and lets say there is assigned ticket to team1. Agents members of team1 see that ticket assigned to team1 while it is open. When it is closed they don't see it in their "Closed" tab. Their tab "Closed" is constantly  showing "There are no tickets matching your criteria". When configured, agents assigned to team1, have checked " Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets ". When " Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets " is unchecked for example for member1 of team1, then member1 see all the tickets assigned to all 3 teams in department and all closed tickets of teams in this department.

    How to get that members of team1 sees its open and closed tickets? What am I doing wrong? 
  • Teams are not part of departments.  They are a separate entity that is cross department.

    Tickets assigned to e Team are not assigned to a Department.

    Assign the ticket to a Department that the staff has access to.  There is no way to ensure that Teams have access to tickets that are closed.
  • edited August 2017
    Basically, you're using teams as if they were departments, you need to change to actually using departments.
  • Thank you ntozier!
    I switched back to departments instead of teams and now I managed to have the overview of closed tickets as needed.
    Your last sentence helped!


  • I'm glad that you got this sorted. :)
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