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Add Fields to User Profile Details

Anyone know how to add custom fields to the User Profile?
example url:  .../scp/users.php?id=11

Besides showing: Name, Email, Organization, Status, Created, Updated, I would like to add custom fields.
Im not very proficient in PHP, but I see it is being called from ""
I also see that all the fields are calling functions from class.user.php. However, the table "ost_user__cdata" is not being called by the object.

How do you call up data from "ost_user__cdata" to view in the User Profile?


  • You can use the admin forms editor to add fields to the User Form, which should display there. Hmm, haven't tried though, test it and let us know.
  • Hi Grizly, Thank you.
    Not exactly sure of the Admin Form Editor. Do you mean, 
    ./scp/forms.php?id=1 ?  

    I have added new fields to the contact form. I now want to retrieve the data, notably in the User Profile. This is the only place I can imagine the data can be viewed.
     example url:  .../scp/users.php?id=1

  • v1.10.  I do not know if its the best way, but I did find an array with the data Im looking for.

    What I did.
    In "", around line127:
                        <th><?php echo __('Company'); ?>:</th>
                        <td><?php echo $user->getCompany(); ?></td>

    In "class.user.php", around line305:
        function getCompany() {
          $tmp2 = ($this->getFilterData());
    /*        foreach($tmp2 as $key=>$value) {
            echo "<p>" . $key . ": " .  $value . "</p>"; }
    */      return $tmp2['field.37'];

    I found the keys and values with a foreach loop.

    Is the a different array to use so that I can use the actual "Variable" name given in the Contact Information Form?
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