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[resolved] Setup/install dir cleanup for security reasons

Dear All,

I'm having this notice in the header or admin view, but I cannot find any install directory under setup.

Please take a minute to delete setup/install directory (../setup/) for security reasons.

I'm running DSM 6.1, OST 1.10, MariaDB10 etc.

Thanks in advance,


  • It's referring to the /setup folder.
  • Is it stock code, or a DSM version? Because I've seen threads where they've done weird things to it..
  • @Grizly: I downloaded the as DSM package. ;)
    @ntozier: The whole setup folder shall be gone?

  • Q: The whole setup folder shall be gone?
    A: Yes.
  • thanks
    this can be closed then.
    perhaps, it may be useful to modify the wording of the note for later releases.

This discussion has been closed.