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(empty) messages


At least using the pipe system, messages are coming with the text (empty) and nothing else. When I check the physical mailboxes, the messages have obviously a proper message but osTicket only shows the (empty) word.

The sender is using an email address.

Any idea what this can be?

Thank you


  • Are they HTML messages with no TXT component and you've HTML disabled? Otherwise, would need to know more about it mate. 
  • Hey

    I believe they are HTML messages and I do have the option "Enable Rich Text" enabled. I tried from different email senders (hotmail and yahoo) and no problem at all. Only emails where I found this problem so far.

    I found this but not sure how this can be related in any way:

    Thank you
  • I mean, you'll need to tell us more about your environment, maybe post the message..
    I looked at the thread, it doesn't seem in any way related to icloud, maybe I'm missing something
  • Hi Grizly.

    The problem happened with 2 messages both from icloud. Not sure if there is some type of encoding or whatever but it seems to be the issue. Other email accounts are fine.

    We are using a normal shared hosting with namecheap, with PHP 7.0
    I was getting the (empty) message through PIPE. Changed now to IMAP fetch with cron instead and tried with a new message from iCloud and it worked fine.

    Let me see if the same happens again and I will post it here.
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