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auto-response problem

I have following settings:
1. Emails - New Ticket Settings - Disable for this Email Address - ticked
2. Agents - Departments - MyDepartment - Autoresponder Settings: new ticket&new message - Disable for this Department

but I still receive notification. Why?



  • What notification are you receiving? Spell it out fully, for instance:

    Whenever any user creates a ticket, every agent in the department receives a new ticket notification message.

    Or are you talking about the user themselves receiving a notification about the ticket they just created?

    Try checking the help topic, there are settings for that too.
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  • edited August 2017
    the ticket is like following:

    Hi 'Agent',

    New ticket #137035 created 

    From: sender name 
    Department: department name


    To view or respond to the ticket, please login to the support ticket system
    Your friendly Customer Support System 

  • Alright, on mine I turn that off via Admin -> Settings ->Tickets -> Alerts
    Then select "Disable" underneath "New Ticket Alert".
  • done 

    thank you very much!
  • No worries mate.
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