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Blank Popups on both Client and Admin Side

I'm running Ubuntu 16.04/PHP7/Nginx (YES I know this isn't officially supported)/osTicket 1.10. The software is fairly unusable the way its currently functioning. No matter what I click on with cgi.fix set to 0 or 1 it makes no difference, I receive blank popup windows by trying to update an agents password, when I select delete on a ticket and the confirmation window pops up, even submitting a ticket the thank you window is a blank popup. Basics like configuring settings, forms, etc all work until it gets to a part requiring a popup. I've read many posts about AJAX errors, and more but none related entirely to what I'm experiencing/my configuration. Appreciate any help in advance!


  • Also I'm using Letsencrypt for SSL and have it already redirecting all HTTP to HTTPS

  • Your problem is that you are using nginx.  There are a number of configuration tweaks that you will ahve to make in order for this to work properly.  There are a number of threads at github regarding using nginx I would recommend that you read through them as they are written by people who have osticket running under that webserver.  The short of it is that your server is not answering AJAX requests for some reason, most likely a configuration issue.  Also the cgi fix that you mention is for if you are running php as fast.cgi which you aren't.
  • FYI: those popups are built with ajax.
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