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[plugin] Autocloser - closes old tickets

Automatically closes tickets that haven't been updated in a while.

Feel free to propose features in the issue queue.

- Define a maximum ticket age with no responses.
- Type a friendly message telling your users why their ticket is being auto closed (with full access to ticket variables).
- Let's you choose the start and end states. For instance, if you only want to autoclose tickets in the state Pending, you can.
- Batch the closure of old tickets on a schedule via cron, closes as many or as few at a time as you want.
- Apply filters to only autoclose expired tickets, or tickets that have been answered.
- Can even work with autocron!

Requires zero mods to core.

Built for 1.10.


  • Hello,

    Thanks for developing the plugin, I need to know how to see if the plugin is working or some parameter is missing ...

    I have configured the plugin to automatically close tickets with the status "Resolved" and change it to "Closed" if 2 days pass, the ticket still does not close.

    Is there any way to view the activity logs of the plugin?
  • It posts to the thread when it changes the status. So you should see that.
    However, without seeing how you've configured it I couldn't say more precisely.
    The extra logging can be enabled with a small change to the class, I'm thinking of making that an admin setting now. See the readme for details.

    If you want to open an issue on GitHub with a screenshot of the plugin config, I'll replicate it on my end and see what's happening.

    The most obvious thing to check: is have you enabled the plugin? You can install it and configure it without actually enabling it.
  • Sorry grizzly, the plugin works fine.
    I attach the config, I have activated the debug as you indicate in github, however I do not know where to find the debug that are created.
  • With debug mode on, it should be filling your cron emails with information every time cron runs. Can you post the contents of such a message? It should display the SQL looking for tickets to work on.
    Unless you're not getting email when cron outputs text? Try manually running cron from the command line.
  • I've never used that cron job, and I do not see the option on the admin panel -> general configuration ....

    However the plugin is working fine, thanks for all grizly; D
  • Great plugin.
    Thanks so much.
  • @dlagoss: you're very welcome, thanks!

    @mnavarro: it's part of configuring osticket, setting up cron, maybe I shouldn't assume that everyone uses it the same way I do.
  • I have not reviewed this section of the options ... the auto-cron does not have it activated, it is necessary to activate it so that the debugging arrives?
  • Well, it only works via cron, so if you've not configured cron at all, then it won't do anything.

    You can use autocron, just tick the box and reduce the number of tickets you want to close each time. Because autocron runs after agent activity.
  • Done, the auto cron is enabled and config for plugin to.
    THX for all Grizly 
  • No worries mate :-)
  • edited September 2017
    hi, can we keep the status from "Hold" to "Hold" also & send canned respose. Further, is it possible to have different robot settings for each group.

    const NUMBER_OF_SETTINGS = 4;
  • 1. I haven't tried that, but give it a go.
    2. It's possible to add that, but currently not.
    3. Should probably be NUMBER_OF_GROUPS really shouldn't it. One of the two:
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