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Can email in Contact info be "optional" instead of "required"?

in Contact Information there is field "email" which is Required and could not be erased, but in my case tickets will be opened only upon a telephone call and there is no need for user email to be Required field. Is there way to have "Optional" instead of "Required" for this one? Does anyone have a code for this one if that is the only option?
I tried to work around by changing the label "Email" to "Phone number" while keeping the variable "email", but now when I click on the specific user I get this: 
Email: 0123456789 (example of the phone number)
I could live with that, but it does not look pretty, so I would really appreciate some directions.

Thank you 


  • You could just use a dummy email address, like $ and in future, when you're full of cash, you can then pipe the messages to a texting service and have them receive notifications about tickets. :-)

    Email access is pretty much assumed at this point. Could you not ask the people on the phone for their email addresses?
  • Hi Grizly,
    thank you for the idea with piping the messages :) I'll let u know when I do it...

    It is not a problem to ask for email address, but still - some of our clients are old people using (for example) even mobile phones without touch screen and they for sure don't use email. Not asking to remove this contact information field, but just to have an option make it "optional" and "not required". I suppose it is not an option at the moment then. 
  • any progress on this? 
  • I seem to recall someone asking about this a few years ago and the consensus at that time was that the email address is a mandatory field and there is no way about it.

    I simply make up an email address when I don't know or need the client's email. I simply use


    In this way it is obvious to me and my agents that the email address doesn't actually exist.

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