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Is it possible to include the original/last message below the signature?

We recently switched our support team to osTicket. Previously we used plain thunderbid for answering to support emails.
In thunderbird you can configure where the quoted text and signature should go. Until now we are used to have our signature above the original messages and below our reply.
Is there a way to do this in osTicket? I already tried to change the template for email answers/replies but it looks like that's the wrong place.


  • Have you tried shutting off signatures, and editing the template to 

    and then

    This wont get you the last message but will let you send them the original.
  • Okay I tried that but the problem is that this would always attach the original without being obvious to the user. Also we have cases were we don't want the original messages attached.
  • Then you would have to use canned responses, and have the agent use the canned response, or memorize the variable tags.
  • This sounded like a good idea and I tried your solution. Unfortunately the %{signature} variable is not available in canned responses. I can insert %{ticket.thread.original} but the result would be just the same as when I use the build-in feature.
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