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[resolved] Email Fetching - Attachment Size Limit??

My situation is that OsTicket is not fetching emails with a certain Attachment size (anything over 3mb) - it simply leaves them in the inbox. Other emails arrive and tickets are created however they are not moved to another folder and then duplicate tickets are therefore created causing a massive mess.

This has been happening since i installed Osticket 1.10 fresh

Osticket = v1.10 (901e5ea)
PHP = 7.0.15-0
OS = ubuntu0.16.04.4

Settings > System = Attachments are stored in the database and Agent Maximum file size = 20MB

Settings > Tickets > Settings > Ticket Attachment Settings: Config = 20MB maximum with no restriction by file type

Fetching = via IMAP

PHP.ini files have been checked - I've searched the entire web server and checked the Max File Upload size is set to 20M

Is there anywhere else I am missing??

Thanks in advance


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