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Looking for a developer

Could you help me to find an expert OsTicket developer for a customization project?
It's really urgent and quite complex so we need a very expert one.


  • If you need customization needs, the developers of osticket themself offer that service:
  • It's really urgent, i don't suppose they can do it, but i will try, thank you.
  • I knew it was going to be like that, they answered:
    Thanks for your email. At this time, we are not taking on customization
    requests to enable our developers time to work on some highly requested
    features for the remainder of the year. Stay tuned!
  • Greetings,

    I've got a small backlog at the moment but depending on what you are needing I may be able to help.

  • If you could explain what you need, it's possible it already exists or someone can aid you in it.
  • edited August 2017
    Hi Scottro!
    I'm a developer and my company is looking for an expert OsTicket developer.
    We have a document containing specifications about customizations.
    You would have to look at it and make analysis before.
    It's really urgent.
    Do you have a Portfolio?
    you can contact me at
  • give your e-mail to developer, but i`m not sure about his knowledges in OsTicket
  • Post your requirements mate, someone might have already built a plugin or something, bit we won't know if you don't tell us.
  • I am looking for an OsTicket developer as well to make what appears to be minor adjustments.  I received the same response from Customization that they are not currently offering services.  My most urgent need is to add a Follow-up date to tickets and tasks.  We need it to display in a sortable column in the ticket and task grids and be easily updatable from inside the ticket and tasks detail.
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