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New ticket opens a blank page

Hi together,

Since a few days I´am occupied to set-up ost for a new project.
From one day to another, opening a new ticket ends with a blank page:

Everything else (in the back- and frontend) works fine. We dont have made changes on servers side.
As a possible solution, we already where importing DB backups from the last days, but unfortunately without success.
The ost own error log, don't shows anything new since days.

The server error log just shows a lot of the following errors:
[Tue Aug 29 18:30: 52.432858 2017] [core:info] [pid 19794:tid 139968445916928] [client] AH00128: File does not exist: /usr/www/users/glpibe/upload/robots.txt

Attached the backend information:

Does somebody have a idea?
Thank you in advance!


  • Can you please provide the apache log and php log

    It returns error 500 (file permission normally..)

    Best regards
  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

    blank pages are PHP errors, please consult your PHP error log.
  • Have you got the apache config? Because it looks like your vhost or directory might be wrong, either that or you've an .htaccess file that is doing that. Why is /kb/ajax.php even being requested? Weird.
    Why is someone on requesting your robots.txt file repeatedly? Normally only a search engine would do that, but they generally tell you it's them via the user agent string, which is missing from your logs.

    The AH00128 errors are simple "file doesn't exist" errors, likely apache looking in the wrong place, or the file isn't there.
    AH00652 is a mod_actions "file doesn't exist" error.. not sure how you're triggering that one. But it makes me suspect the Apache config.
    You've done something to it though, because that's not a standard Apache log.

    Heck, it could be as simple as mod_rewrite not having a base url set..
  • Thank you for your feedback!

    The .htaccess might be virtual, because I can not find this file on FTP.

    The thing is, that I don't has made any changes on the file system.
    Also, weird is that is already the second installation, with the first one happens the same.

    My hoster is not willing to give me the complete Apache config, but they will give me every part of it, which I will ask them. Can you give me a more specific space or variable to ask for, please?

  • Now I´am trying the third installation, unfortunately without success.
    It looks like that we have to use a different support system.
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