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User to close ticket


Is there really no option for the user to close the ticket that they created?. If none, it is possible to include this on the future releases?.

osticket v.1.10


  • The open feature request for this lets me think so:
  • @ mfelber, 

    Thanks for the link but I think the plugin is not applicable to us right now.
    What we really need is the ability of User to close his own ticket when its done. 

  • Haven't tried this myself but you can try this
    Add code: 
    <?php if ($ticket->isCloseable()
            // Only ticket owners can close this ticket
            && $thisclient->getId() == $ticket->getUserId()) { ?>
                    <a class="action-button" href="tickets.php?a=close&id=<?php
                         echo $ticket->getId(); ?>"><i class="icon-flag"></i> <?php echo __('Close'); ?></a>
    <?php } ?>

    Add code:
        case 'close':
            if(!$ticket->checkUserAccess($thisclient)) //double check perm again!
                $errors['err']=__('Access Denied. Possibly invalid ticket ID');
            if(!$errors) {
            } elseif(!$errors['err']) {
                $errors['err'] = __('Correct any errors below and try again.');

  • Hi Micke1101,

    Thanks for the code.
    I tried to add it, the close button is added but nothing happens when I tried to click it.
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